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Making a public records request

Send requests for public records that are in custody of the Division of Finance and Corporate Securities to:

Division of Finance and Corporate Securities
350 Winter St. NE, Room 410
P.O. Box 14480
Salem, OR 97309-0405
Fax: 503-947-7862
E-mail: dfcs.publicrecordsrequests@state.or.us

Please write on the envelope or in the e-mail subject line: “Public Records Request.”

Please use our Public Records Request form which may be submitted in person, by mail, by fax, or by e-mail. You may also initiate the request by phone. To help us respond, please include:

  1. Name and mailing address of the requestor.
  2. Telephone number, e-mail, or other contact information of the requestor.
  3. A sufficiently detailed description of the records requested to allow the department to search for and identify records.

We may request additional clarification before responding to the request.

Calculation of fees
The department has established fees reasonably calculated to reimburse it for the actual cost of making the public records available. If the fee is higher than $25, the department will send the requestor a written cost estimate before proceeding with the request. The following is a list of charges that are standard throughout the department:

  1. Staff time required to locate, produce, summarize or otherwise provide records (this does not include making copies; labor is included in the fee for copying):
    • Secretarial/clerical, $25 per hour
    • Professional/technical, $45 per hour
    • Information Management Division research analyst, $63 per hour
    • Information Management Division, IT-Application Development and Computer Support Services, $70 per hour
    • Actual attorney fees charged to the department for the cost of time spent by an attorney in reviewing the request and the actual records, redacting material from the public records, or segregating the public records into exempt and nonexempt records.
    • There is no charge for less than a half-hour of DFCS staff time. This minimum can only apply to one request per requestor per month.
  2. Photocopies/microfilm, 25 cents per page (includes cost of labor). There is no charge for fewer than 40 pages. This minimum can only apply to one request per requestor per month.
  3. Copies of existing mailing lists with labels, $5 per 100 names, with no additional charge for staff time.
  4. For computerized records include the following costs: $.005 (½ cent) per record of output; plus professional staff time (cost above) to write program; plus charges for physical storage media, such as diskette, CD, or thumb drive.
  5. Laser photos, $1 per page plus staff time
  6. Video tape, $12.50; audio tape, $5 (includes staff time), CD, $6
  7. Certified document, $10 (includes staff time)
  8. Other items that can be included in the cost of a copy:
  9. Shipping charges (including postage).
    • Cost of fax transmission if long distance.
    • Printing costs.
    • Actual cost of any other supplies or services necessary to furnish the material.
    • Department of Administrative Services (DAS) or other external processing charges.

Waiving fees
The division will evaluate requests to reduce or waive fees on a case-by-case basis. The division will take into consideration the cost of producing the information and whether making the records available primarily benefits the general public. A person who believes that there has been an unreasonable denial of a fee waiver or fee reduction may petition the Attorney General or the district attorney in the same manner as a person petitions when inspection of a public record is denied under ORS 192.410 to 192.505.