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New website coming soon

Oregon OSHA is launching a new website in the coming weeks. You will need to update your bookmarks.
The new website is designed to work well on mobile devices and increase accessibility for people with disabilities.

About Oregon OSHA

Our mission is to advance and improve workplace safety and health for all workers in Oregon.


We're part of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services and operate under a state-plan agreement with federal OSHA.

Our history

In 1971, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 became part of national labor law. Two years later, Oregon passed its own occupational safety and health legislation, the Oregon Safe Employment Act (OSEA). OSEA authorized Oregon OSHA to enforce the state's workplace safety and health rules.

What we do

We're dedicated to improving workplace safety and health in Oregon and committed to working with labor, business, and other government agencies to reach that goal. We do that in the following ways.


We inspect workplaces based on valid complaints, serious injuries, and fatalities.

Appeals and informal conferences

We review citations that are challenged and conduct informal conferences with employers throughout the state. Informal conferences resolve about 90 percent of appealed cases. We refer unresolved cases to the Workers Compensation Board Hearings Division.


We operate a nationally certified occupational health laboratory in Portland where we analyze samples of hazardous substances that workers may be exposed to.

Consultative services

Our consultants can help you reduce lost-time accident costs and show you how to make your workplace safer by developing a complete program to manage safety and health, specifically in areas of industrial hygiene, ergonomics, and workplace safety.

Safety consultants will help you identify and correct hazards such as those with machines, industrial vehicles, electrical devices, material-handling equipment, and working surfaces.

Industrial hygiene consultations will help you identify and monitor employee exposure to health hazards such as noise, air contaminants, and toxic chemicals.

Ergonomic consultations will help you develop effective, practical ways to reduce overexertion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and lower-back strains.

Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP). If you're committed to a safer workplace, SHARP will reward your efforts. When you become a SHARP participant, your employees, business partners, and the community know you are committed to safety.

Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). VPP rewards employers who exceed Oregon's occupational safety and health requirements and become industry leaders in their commitment to workplace safety.

Standards and technical resources

Our technical specialists help write and publish Oregon's rules for occupational safety and health. You can call or email them to get help understanding and applying the rules to your workplace. They will also point you to our publications that help explain the rules in an easy to understand and practical way.

The Oregon OSHA Resource Center has a lending library offering hundreds of videos and an extensive collection of books and journals covering all aspects of workplace safety and health. You can order publications online or through our resource center.

Public education

Oregon OSHA offers free year-round training workshops throughout Oregon and online classes for employers and employees.

Classes cover basic safety and health management, safety committee activities, record keeping, accident investigations, ergonomics, hazard communication, fall protection, and lockout/tagout.


Oregon OSHA co-hosts conferences throughout Oregon that allow employees and employers to learn and share ideas with local and nationally recognized safety and health professionals. The Governor's Occupational Safety and Health Conference in Portland is held every two years and is the Pacific Northwest's largest safety and health show.

Scholarships and training grants

The education and training grant program awards grants to nonprofit organizations, labor groups, and educational institutions to develop new training materials in the area of workplace safety and health for Oregon employees and employers.

Oregon students who have lost a parent in a workplace accident or had a parent suffer a debilitating job-related injury may be eligible for the Workers’ Memorial Scholarship. Students can find the application on the Oregon Student Access Commission website: www.oregonstudentaid.gov.

Donations accepted for Workers' Memorial Scholarship fund

Each year, children in Oregon must cope with a parent being taken from their lives through a workplace death. The loss can have a profound effect on a family's ability to finance higher education. The Workers’ Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the 1991 Legislature to help surviving family members reach their educational goals.

Oregon OSHA accepts, but does not solicit, private donations to the fund. Make checks payable to "DCBS Workers' Memorial Scholarship Fund" and mail your donation to Oregon OSHA, c/o Worker's Memorial Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 14480, Salem, OR 97309.


Oregon OSHA has field offices across Oregon. If you have questions or need information, call us toll-free, (800) 922-2689, or call the office nearest you.