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May 14, 2014


Oregon CIty Public Works

"Safety Break allowed us stand back and focus on ways to improve our day-to-day activities in terms of making them safer for staff and the general public. The equipment rodeo also gave us the opportunity to improve some of our practical skills."

Oregon City Public Works

Martin Montalvo
Operations manager
Public Works Department, City of Oregon City

Danville Services

"We never participated in this before and it was a great learning opportunity to review safety topics. There was a lot of creativity and group participation. Thank you for opening our eyes to a new way to promote safety."

Danville Services

Tina Hernandez
Safety committee chair
Danville Services

R & H Construction

"Since 2003, R & H Construction has participated in Safety Break. This year, each project held a safety meeting, which included subcontractors and office staff, and demonstrated our complete commitment to our safety program. Safety is a value that we take with us everyday, not just an activity we do to be in compliance."

R & H Construction

Art Bush
Director of safety
R&H Construction

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