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A message from OR-OSHA About Bioterrorism

"The United States has the greatest medical system in the world and Oregon doctors are top-notch. Our system of public health is well organized and has the capability to identify, contain and treat outbreaks of unusual diseases -- whether caused by man or nature. We will review all our public health procedures in light of the current Anthrax threat. But, both as governor and as a physician, I am very confident in our system of public health."

--Governor John Kitzhaber, October 17, 2001
Comments from a news conference on Oregon's security and emergency preparedness.

OR-OSHA has received numerous inquiries regarding bioterrorism and the steps that should be taken to reduce the risk to employees. The Oregon Department of Human Services, Health Division, is the lead agency for directing bioterrorism prevention and response efforts in Oregon. Oregon OSHA is providing its expertise and assistance to the Health Division, other agencies, and employers as needed. The State Health Division can provide information, contacts, and answers to frequently asked questions. Please refer to the links below for the most up-to-date infomation.

Oregon State Health Division Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response

Oregon Emergency Management Divsion

Red Cross

Centers for Disease Control

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal Bureau of Investigation Information on Terrorism (FBI)

Federal OSHA Bioterrorism Information page
Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy (University of Minnesota)

Army Chemical Terrorism Information Page   http://chemdef.apgea.army.mil/