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Ergonomics information on the Web



Ergonomics for farm workers [CDC]


A guide to selecting non-powered hand tools [NIOSH]

Concrete work [DOSH]

Construction ergonomics [OR-OSHA]

Drywall work [DOSH]

Ergonomic tip sheet for concrete laborers [OR-OSHA]

Ergonomics for women in the construction trades [OR-OSHA]

How to improve material handling on site [OR-OSHA]

Masonry construction [DOSH]

Mechanical shop contractors [DOSH]

Questions to ask during pre-job planning [OR-OSHA]

Residential construction [DOSH]

Shoveling tips [CCOHS]

Ergonomic improvements a contractor can make right now for little or no cost [OR-OSHA]

Tips for carpenters [DOSH]

Tips for electricians [Cal-OSHA]

Tips for laborers [DOSH]

Whole body vibration information

     Centralized European whole-body vibration database
      Search for vibration levels for different vehicles
     European Community Directive 2002/44/EC
      Vibration exposure guidelines

Hand-arm vibration information

     Centralized European hand-arm vibration database
      Search for vibration levels for hand tools
     Health effect of hand-arm vibration
      Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
     European Community Directive 2002/44/EC
      Vibration exposure guidelines

Health care

Best practices for nursing homes [OR-OSHA]

Ergonomics guidelines for nursing homes [OSHA]

Safe patient handling [VA]

Skilled nursing facilities [DOSH]

Wood products

Banding coil handling [OR-OSHA]

Lumber handling in sawmills [DOSH]

Paper wrap operator [OR-OSHA]

Planing mill hula saw operator [OR-OSHA]

Plywood putty patch line [OR-OSHA]

Rail car loading [OR-OSHA]

Sander smoothing bars [OR-OSHA]

Sawmill chop saw/debarker control room [OR-OSHA]

Sawmill circular blade handling [OR-OSHA]

Sawmill log scaling [OR-OSHA]

Sawmill trim saw feeder operator [OR-OSHA]

Government agencies

Canadian Center For Occupational Safety And Health [CCOSHS]

National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health [NIOSH]

Occupational Safety And Health Administration [OSHA]

Washington Department Of Department Of Occupational Safety And Health [DOSH]

Worksite redesign

Worksite redesign program [OR-OSHA]