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Consultation Services

What Employers are Saying...


"For Willamette Landscape Services, Inc., becoming SHARP Certified has been one of the most positive commitments our company has made. Not only did it force us to stretch ourselves to be safer, it gave us something truly valuable to rally behind. Prior to SHARP, we were already a pretty safe company with a strong, home-grown safety culture. However, SHARP pushed us to improve in areas we might not have otherwise realized needed work. I would recommend to anybody seeking a stronger safety commitment to meet with the OSHA consultation staff for input. We're glad we did!"

Matt Triplett
Vice President
Willamette Landscape Services, Inc.


"Throughout my career in the power generation field, I had only heard negative stories about OSHA encounters; therefore, I was apprehensive at first to call OSHA and talk with them. I can say that I am glad I overcame my apprehension and made that first call. Being in the SHARP program has been very positive for our employees, for PKE as a team, and for our parent company PPM Energy. Oregon OSHA's SHARP program and consultion division is extremely proactive and very helpful to Oregon businesses that take advantage of this program. It is so much easier to do it right and Oregon OSHA has this great tool to help employers do it right. The SHARP program is very valuable and we recommend to all Oregon businesses that they should at least look into it and the benefits that they may gain from entering into the program.

PKE and PPM Energy would like to thank Oregon OSHA for having the foresight to be proactive in this manner."
Dennis Winn
Pacific Klamath Energy


"SAFETY FIRST AT TP TRUCKING. Want to know why that has not only become a buzz phrase but a motto here at TP Trucking? Well, here goes! From the top down here at Timber Products Company safety is a number one priority. Our leadership throughout the company has tuned safety into a fun, competitive spirited daily process. You see Think Safety signs everywhere here at trucking and hear out people answering the phone by saying, 'Safety First At TP Trucking, Can I help You?' We have an active, visible safety committee with a waiting list of volunteers. Our employees look forward to what we call going to the movies when we show annual safety training videos, we actually have popcorn at times. And, we do live, hands on training. All of our people are required to put out an actual fire and demonstrate extinguisher use competency annually. We virtually have a safety component to everything we do day in and day out. Our people take safety seriously and are constantly aware because our leadership and management does. Its like a successful sports team, if everyone buys into the team concept the results are always better... more less

Now, let me talk about those results. Our participation in the process to be certified as a SHARP company was the primary reason our team grew to be such a safety success story. That certification brought with it a great feeling of accomplishment and pride. Everyone feels like we are a cut above and are very proud of our status. Safety compliance has become a part of our culture now and everyone works to not let that degrade in any way.

Last but not lease, impact on the bottom line. Our accident rate is one of the best in the industry. All of our insurance rates are at the absolute lowest according to Great West Casualty. They have awarded us Golden Safety awards for highway safety. Our workers compensation claim rates are extremely low. We were awarded by our corporation for having the lowest incident rate among all divisions for the last two years, unheard of for a trucking division. In a nutshell it simply has a positive impact on virtually every aspect of our business, especially morale. It is one of the best things we have ever done!"

Ron Tycer, General Manager
TP Trucking LLC
Central Point


"I continue to be impressed by the quality of service I receive from OR-OSHA. All your consulting and training personnel have been courteous and extremely helpful as we try to improve our safety program."

Jim Rogers, Maintenance Supervisor
Gladstone School District #115, 2006


"Thank you so much for the valuable information and recommendations we received as a result of your visit to Plateau Woodworks on May 10, 2006. OR-OSHA's consultative services are such a wonderful resource to help us maintain and improve safety at Plateau Woodworks."

Jane Tickle, Office Safety Manager
Plateau Woodworks Inc, 2006


"We chose the route every company on Oregon should choose. Get help from the experts who know the rules and are safety professionals. Our relationship with every consultant has been pleasant and very positive. In fact, their outstanding advice and consultation brought us from non-compliance to SHARP qualification in 3 years. We couldn't be more pleased."

Tim Todd, Safety Manager
Cascade Wood Products, 2006


"Refreshing attitude and really the first OR-OSHA staff member who our employees trusted right away."

Duckwall-Pooley, 2005


"The service from Oregon OSHA's Consultation Services' is outstanding! Our savings on claims costs have been enormous. Annual claims costs have dropped 64 percent and lost workdays have fallen 79 percent."

City of Portland, Columbia
Wastewater Treatment Plant


"Our Oregon OSHA consultants were wonderful!! They never pushed, only encouraged. Never criticized, only motivated. They were our cheerleaders as well as our coaches. Our Lost Workday Cases Incident Rate went from 28.99 in 2000 to 0.00 in 2002."

Mid-Valley Healthcare


"We've used OR-OSHA Consultants for over 10 years and their professional delivery of critical and costly Health and Safety services at no cost to our small business has meant a huge difference in our company's schedule of compliance and the well being of our employees... more less I'm impressed with the State of Oregon and their vision in establishing the Consulting Division and it's independence from the Compliance group. My relationship with the Consultants has given me the equivalent in H & S of what the largest manufacturers have. Thanks OR-OSHA!"

Chuck Crowe, President
ATCO America, Inc.
Philomath, OR