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Division 7, Forest Activities Training

Training Modules

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Subdivision A

General Requirements and Definitions:  PDF  PPT

Subdivision B

Safety and Health program:  PDF  PPT
Single topic:
Accident Investigation (D8 and Jillpoke)
Orienting a new employee
Supervisor Roles

Subdivision C

Personal Protective Equipment and Programs:  PDF  PPT
Single topic:
Medical Plan - Air Transportation

Subdivision D

Planning, First Aid and Working Conditions:  PDF  PPT

Subdivision E

Tools, Fire Extinguishers and Explosives:  PDF  PPT

Subdivision F

Roads, Flagging, Vehicles and Flammables:  PDF  PPT
Single topic:

Subdivision G

Rigging and Rigging Practices:  PDF PPT
Single topic:
Connecting Guylines (Choker Bell)
Eye splicing 12 strand braided synthetic rope
Guyline Angles(towers)
Guyline Extensions (connectors and trim)
Guyline Tightened With "Whoopy Sling" (synrope)
In The Clear Of Climber
Out Of Service For Wire Rope (Droplines)
Sleeve Shackles On Guylines
Shackle Pin Size and Strength
Skyline Shackles (general)
Stabilizing Trail Trees
Straps and Rigging
Tree And Skyline Size

Subdivision H

Machines used in Forest Activities:  PDF  PPT
Single topic:
Flammable And Combustible Materials
Securing Hazardous Energy (Delimber)
Storage On Machines (Swing Machines)

Subdivision I

Cutting Trees, Pre-Commercial Thinning and Slashing:  PDF  PPT
Single topic:
Clean Face
Eye And Face Protection (cutters)
Footing (Falling)
Pivot Points (cutting)
Spring Poles
Unstable Objects (Cutters)

Subdivision J

Yarding, Processing, Signaling and Communications:  PDF  PPT
Single topic:
Hazards in Landings
In the Clear
Log Decks (Blocked)
Log Decks (Stability)
Potential Failure Zone
Rigging Crew Hazards
Steep Slope Operations

Subdivision K

Loading and Transportation of Logs/Wood Fiber:  PDF  PPT
Single topic:
How Many Wrappers
Installing Wrappers And Binders

Subdivision L

Log Dumps, Ponds and Yards:  PDF  PPT