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Posting Requirements

Oregon OSHA's posting requirements [437-001-0275 and 437-001-0280] require employers to post unedited copies of certain documents where the employees can easily see them (for example, at a location where employees report to work each day).

This page explains the requirements.

Safety and health poster

Oregon OSHA's Safety and Health Protection on the Job poster must be posted permanently at all worksites.

See also Oregon OSHA Posters or Stickers

OSHA 300A Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

Employers who have more than 10 employees at any time during the last calendar year, and who are not in a designated retail, service, finance, insurance, or real estate industry, must post the OSHA 300A Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses. Oregon OSHA's, Recording and posting work-related incidents, fact sheet explains this requirement.


The Field Sanitation Notice must be posted permanently by employers engaged in the production of food crops intended for human consumption [See Division 4, 437-004-1110(8) for more information].

The Agricultural Labor Housing Registration Certificate must be posted where the employees can easily see it while there is occupancy. [See Agricultural labor housing page for more information.]


Citations must be posted for three days or until the violation is corrected, whichever occurs last.

Amended or withdrawn citation - notice must be posted with the original citation for three days or until the violations is corrected, whichever occurs last.

Extension requests - notice for request for extension of correction date must be posted until Oregon OSHA informs the employer that the extension has been granted or denied.

Extension granted - any notice extending a correction date must be posted until the violation is corrected.


Settlements - a copy of any settlement from an appeal will be posted for ten days or until all violations have been corrected, whichever occurs last.

Request for reconsideration - a copy of a request for reconsideration of a citation, notice or order under the manifest injustice provision of 437-001-0270 must be posted with the citation until the request has been granted or denied.

Engineering controls

A copy of any feasibility determination relating to engineering controls must be posted for 20 days for review by employees.

Multi-Employer work sites

At multi-employer sites, the owner or the designated prime contractor may be required to post a notice to inform an Oregon OSHA compliance officer and affected employees about:

  • The name and usual jobsite location of each employer and the employer's representative on each shift who is designated to accompany the compliance officer during a safety or health inspection of the jobsite.
  • The employee's right to report a hazard to the employer's designated representative.