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Recordkeeping Frequently Asked Questions

Does closure of a wound using super glue constitute medical treatment, or is it first aid?

It is medical treatment. If the item is not specifically listed as first aid, it is medical treatment.


In the case of someone having an epileptic seizure at work, is it recordable? What if the person hits his or her head, breaks a bone, etc., when the seizure occurs?

Epileptic seizures are not work-related unless the seizures occur as a result of a work injury. In most instances, it is not work-related. Also, you would not record any additional injuries that happen solely as a result of the seizure occurring in the work environment.


Are injuries that occur during breaks work-related, since the person is paid for the time?

It depends on where the employee is when the injury occurs. If the employee is at the workplace, it would be work related. If the employee has left the workplace, such as going to a local restaurant or off the premises, for the break, the injury would not be work-related and would not be recorded on the OSHA 300 log.


Since you do not record injuries that occur while the individual is commuting, do you consider an injury to be work-related if it occurs in a parking lot the company owns or maintains?

The injury would be considered work-related if the employee has parked his or her car and started walking into the building. For example, if an employee slams his or her finger in his or her own car door, it would not be considered a work-related injury. If the employee trips after starting to walk across the parking lot, it would be. Injury to an employee who walks to work would not be recordable unless the incident happens on company property. An injury is recordable if the employee was walking somewhere as a work activity regardless of where it happened.


How do you decide when an employee has entered the workplace when coming in to work?

Ask yourself, at what point does the employer have control over removing or fixing hazardous conditions? If the employer is responsible for repairs to the parking lot, it starts there. If the employer owns and maintains the sidewalks, it starts there. It may be that the employerÂ’s control over hazards does not start until the employee enters the front door of the business.


When would a heart attack be work-related?

When there is a medical diagnosis that mental or physical stress from work activities contributed to the heart attack.


Is there any time when an injury of a student would be recordable on the OSHA 300 log?

Yes. If the student is receiving remuneration or is covered by workers' compensation.


Is the administration of oxygen medical treatment?

Usually. OSHA considers most uses of oxygen medical treatment because oxygen administration is a treatment that can only be provided by trained medical personnel, uses relatively complex technology, and is used to treat serious injuries and illnesses. However, if oxygen is administered as a purely precautionary measure to an employee who does not exhibit any symptoms of an injury or illness, the case is not recordable.


Can any employee at a workplace ask to see all the 30l forms as well as the OSHA 300 log?

Employees are only given copies only of their own 30l forms if they have a recordable injuries. All employees also have the right to receive a copy of the entire OSHA 300 log for the workplace.


Are employers ever required to post any part of the OSHA 300 log?

No. The only posting requirement in the OSHA-300 rules is the requirement to post the 300A (Summary Sheet) from Feb. 1 through April 30.


When you have a large employer with multiple establishments doing the same type of work, or an entity like a county that has distinctly different divisions performing different work, do you keep one overall OSHA 300 log, or a separate OSHA 300 log for each establishment?

You would keep one for each separate establishment, or for each Standard Industrial Classification. For example, a county might have a fire department, water department, road department, etc. You would need to be able to pull out information regarding each departmentÂ’s OSHA 300 log entries. The summary sheets posted from Feb. 1 through April 30 each year reflect the injuries for the worksite where it is posted, not the entire company.


We have multiple establishments that rarely, if ever, have recordable incidents, and those incidents are reported to our main office. Do we have to keep separate OSHA 300 logs for each establishment?

If those locations operate for one year or longer, the rule requires separate OSHA 300 logs for each location. However, you can record all of the incidents on one central master log as long as each incident is recorded within seven days of notification. Also, you must prepare 300A summary forms for each separate location, so you must be able to extract information from the master OSHA 300 log to reflect where each incident occurred. You also must be able to extract all of the information for a specific location from the master OSHA 300 log within four hours when that data is requested by Oregon OSHA.


If there is an establishment, such as a hospital, with distinctly different functions that all fall under one Standard Industrial Classification, is it OK to have separate OSHA 300 logs for distinctly different functions, and then just roll all the information into one OSHA 300 log and 300A summary sheet when it comes time to do the annual posting for the establishment?

That would be acceptable.

Note 1: In Oregon if an employer is required to have an Exposure Control Plan, they must maintain a sharps log regardless of whether they must maintain an OSHA 300 log.

Note. 2: Whenever the federal question and answer sheet references the 30l, think Form 80l.