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Lead Publications

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Lead & Lead Poisoning


This brochure builds awareness of the hazards of lead, where it can be found, who is likely to be exposed to it, what it does in your body, and what you can do to prevent accidental exposure to lead.

3937 brochure

Lead in construction quick guide


Helps small business owners understand and comply with the requirements of Oregon OSHA?s lead rule for the construction industry, 1926.62.

4907 guidebook

Plomo y Envenenamiento por el Plomo


Cubre donde se puede hallar el plomo en lugares de trabajo, quienes son los que se pueden exponer, como afecta al cuerpo, y como prevenir exposición accidental.

Lead and Lead Poisoning
Covers where lead can be found in the workplace, who is likely to be exposed, what it does to the body, and how to prevent accidental exposure.

3937s brochure


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