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Div 4, Agriculture


Div 4, Agriculture

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Division 4 Agriculture

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Jurisdiction for farms when the farm's only employees are family members 8/23/11

Waterless Hand Sanitizer Use in Agriculture 7/8/11

Fish Hatcheries 2/25/11

Anhydrous Ammonia in Agricultural Farm Supply Businesses 10/15/10

Pesticide labels and eyewash requirements 8/2/07

Number of toilets per person in fixed work area 12/7/05

Division 4, Agriculture Clarifications 8/21/02

Using Orchard Ladders for other than orchard work 1/24/00

Program Directives

Inspection Criteria: Inspection Exemption for Agricultural Small Employers 4/9/09

Inspection Criteria: Scheduling Lists for Safety and Health Inspections 5/10/12

Local Emphasis Program (LEP): Field Sanitation 8/25/05

Local Emphasis Program (LEP): Pesticides 9/10/09

Water Quality Evaluation 8/25/05

Fact Sheets/Hazard Alerts/Technical Notes

Hazard Alert: Lime sulfur reacts to form deadly hydrogen sulfide gas 4/8/13

Hazard Alert: Ignition hazard from drilling into sealed frames of agricultural equipment NIOSH 7/21/03

Hazard Alert: Guidance For Controlling Potential Risks To Workers Exposed to Class B Biosolids NIOSH 7/10/02

Hazard Alert: Farm tractor use to move large bales NIOSH 7/20/01

Hazard Alert: Engulfment and suffocation in grain bins 10/3/11

Factsheet: All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) 6/11/14

Fact Sheet: Water temperatures referenced in Oregon OSHA's rules 11/20/12

Fact Sheet: Safety orientation for seasonal workers in agriculture 2/23/12

Fact Sheet: Safety committees and safety meetings - agriculture 1/5/11

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection - agriculture, Russian version 11/7/07

Fact Sheet: Respiratory protection - agriculture 4/17/09

Fact Sheet: Protección de la respiración - agricultura 11/7/07

Fact Sheet: PPE requirements for agriculture 3/27/13

Fact Sheet: Field sanitation for agricultural hand labor 4/10/13

Fact Sheet: Chemical storage guidelines - agricultural pesticides and chemicals 1/2/07

Fact Sheet: Aluminum phosphide and Fumigation Management Plans for structures 3/19/14

Fact Sheet: Aluminum phosphide and Fumigation Management Plans for burrowing pests 3/19/14

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre las volcaduras de tractores
Quick facts for employees about tractor rollovers

Datos rápidos para trabajadores sobre comités de seguridad y reuniones de seguridad para trabajadores agrícolas
Quick facts for employees about safety committees and safety meetings for agriculture workers


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Air You Breathe: Oregon OSHA's Respiratory Protection Guide for Agricultural Employers 3/11/10

Cold stress card 8/19/05

Cultivate a safe agricultural workplace 6/6/12

Field Sanitation Notice 8/19/09

Heat safety: Water. Rest. Shade. The work can't get done without them. 6/1/11

Heat stress card 8/19/05

Pesticide Use and Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Revised March 2014 3/3/14

Pesticide Worker Protection Standard Reference Guide 1/9/13

Safe practices when working around hazardous agricultural chemicals 8/15/12

Safety committees and safety meetings quick guide - agriculture 8/15/12

Sticker: Read before washing clothing worn while applying pesticides 2/15/11

Stopping for water keeps you going. 6/24/11

Warning labels and stickers 7/31/06

Aviso de Sanidad en el Campo 8/19/09

Con agua uno rinde mas. 6/24/11

Seguridad sobre el calor: Agua. Sombra. Descansos. Sin ellos no se puede trabajar. 6/1/11

Sticker: Léa, antes de lavar la ropa que usó mientras aplicaba pesticidas 2/15/11

Tarjeta de Estrés por el Calor 8/19/05

Tarjeta de Estrés por el Frío 8/19/05

Education and training

Online Courses / Current Workshops

All Class Materials

PESO: Bilingual training for employers with Hispanic workers

Tools and resources

Agricultural information on the web

Agriculture Employer Advisory Committee

Agriculture Publications

Does your agricultural labor housing have lead-based paint or asbestos-containing materials?

Fumigation management plan for burrowing pests

Preambles to Final Rules

Video/DVD Library

Look for Agriculture videos on our Resource Center Website

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Related information

Can you identify fatal hazards on your farm or ranch?

Federal OSHA's Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers

Field sanitation Topic page

Heat stress Topic page

Washington State Dept of Labor & Industries Agriculture information

Washington State's Hop Dust and Respiratory Disease Fact Sheet


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