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Current rule activity

* Construction Advisory Committee 3/10/08


Div 3, Construction


Div 3, Construction


Div 3, Construction, Sub Q

Concrete and Masonry Construction

Div 3, Construction, Sub S

Underground Construction, Caissons, Cofferdams, and Compressed Air

Division 3 Construction

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Guardrails, stair railings, parapets 8/31/15

Rescue work in confined spaces 7/24/13

Power line Safety 8/29/12

Cranes and Derricks in Construction: Frequently Asked Questions 8/29/12

Clarification of High Visibility Safety garments in construction 4/19/12

Construction crane operator requirements until November, 2014 11/10/10

Stacking Materials (Safe Heights) 9/1/09

Transport and storage of compressed gas cylinders 4/22/09

Climbing Rebar 2/26/09

Construction Activity -vs- Maintenance Work 7/14/08

Multi-employer contractor requirements 5/28/08

Required clearances from the neutral conductor 2/21/08

Letter to PGE on construction vs. maintenance work 11/25/07

Air Wand automatic cut-offs 5/25/07

Usage of GFCI's on Construction Sites 5/14/04

Clarification of GFCI Standard 6/11/03

Sorting Hooks when Setting Stringers for Temporary Bridges 4/28/03

Trench Shields 3/25/03

Division 3, Subdivision R Interpretations 11/26/02

Delivery of Roofing Materials on Construction Sites 9/26/02

Jurisdiction of city, state & county employees 3/6/01

DOT Approved Gas Cans 11/9/99

Flush Toilets 6/30/98

Hazard Alert-Electrical box guarding 8/25/97

Application of rules and sole proprietorship 6/27/97

Wire rope flagging 5/19/97

1/2 hour Fire Resistant barriers 5/12/97

Assured grounding program 1/15/97

Tunneling and use of propane equipment 12/5/96

Catch platforms 11/18/96

Contractor safety responsibilities 10/31/96

Fall protection and return-to-work programs 6/17/96

Fall protection temporary and fixed work platforms 2/28/96

Use of Scaffolding as an Anchorage for Personal Fall Arrest Systems 7/28/95

Spider Boxes on Construction Sites 5/16/94

Ladders Attached to Scaffolding 5/24/93

Excavation/Competent person and radial arm saw guarding 9/30/91

Construction Ladder Code 9/5/91

Material Chutes at Building Demolition Sites 9/25/90

Program Directives

Asbestos 8/25/05

Compressed Gas: Securing Compressed Gas Cylinders 8/25/05

Excavation Standards 8/25/05

Fall Protection: Aerial Lifts Used in Construction 8/25/05

Fall Protection: Hoisting Employees during Communication Tower Work Activities 1/13/15

Focused Inspections In Construction 1/1/08

Guarding: Cut-Off Wheels and Masonry Saws 8/25/05

Guarding: Portable Abrasive Grinders When Used for Internal Grinding 8/25/05

Guarding: Portable Belt Sanding Machines 8/25/05

Hazard Communication 1/7/16

Inspection and Citation Guidance for Roadway and Highway Work Zones 6/2/15

Inspection Criteria: Construction and Forest Activities Safety Inspections 8/11/15

Inspection Criteria: Random Construction Inspections 8/4/14

Inspection Criteria: Scheduling Lists for Safety and Health Inspections 5/10/12

Inspection Guidance for Cranes and Derricks in Construction 3/24/16

Jurisdiction: Independent Contractors, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships and Corporate Officers. 11/17/15

Lead: Exposures in Construction 8/25/05

Lift-Slab Construction Operations 8/25/05

Multi-employer Workplace Citation Guidelines 1/2/07

National Emphasis Program (NEP): Lead in general industry and construction 3/22/10

National Emphasis Program (NEP): Trenching and Excavation 2/21/08

Scaffolds in Construction 2/28/14

Steel Erection Standards for Construction 1/30/15

Toilet Facilities: Reasonable Access 4/17/08

Fact Sheets/Hazard Alerts/Technical Notes

Hazard Alert: Pneumatic nail gun use 3/17/09

Hazard Alert: Liquid propane tanks and heaters used in construction 4/8/08

Hazard Alert: Hazards of misusing wire form anchorage connectors for fall protection Federal OSHA 9/20/04

Hazard Alert: Hazards of inadequately securing hydraulic excavator Federal OSHA 7/22/05

Hazard Alert: Gravity kills, be alert for fall hazards 6/13/06

Hazard Alert: Electrical hazard - call before you dig! 6/2/00

Hazard Alert: Aerial lift hydraulics fire hazard 3/30/07

Fact Sheet: Water temperatures referenced in Oregon OSHA's rules 11/20/12

Fact Sheet: Warning Lines: Construction Industry Best Practices 10/12/07

Fact Sheet: Standard railings for general industry workplaces 9/1/14

Fact Sheet: Power line safety - evaluating the work zone 2/29/12

Fact Sheet: Noise exposure and hearing conservation 7/10/06

Fact Sheet: Motor vehicle safety for employers and employees 9/4/14

Fact Sheet: Lead in construction 4/5/12

Fact Sheet: High-visibility safety apparel 12/7/11

Fact Sheet: Hexavalent chromium 10/11/06

Fact Sheet: Ground-fault circuit interrupters GFCI 10/25/05

Fact Sheet: Fall protection trigger heights for the construction industry 10/16/15

Fact Sheet: Crane timeline 8/18/15

Fact Sheet: Crane standard 10/5/10

Fact Sheet: Confined spaces 7/31/13

Fact Sheet: Asbestos 5/16/07


Publications | Education | Related | Video


Lifting calculator app 12/26/12

ABCs of Construction Site Safety 5/27/15

Asbestos - Rules of Abatement 11/1/07

Cold stress card 8/19/05

Confined spaces and permit spaces 11/20/14

Construction Depot Newsletter 2/24/05

Construction Ergonomics - Protect Your Back and Your Future 10/19/09

Construction Ergonomics - Protect Your Shoulders and Your Neck and Your Future 10/19/09

Construction Ergonomics: Protect Your Knees and Your Future 5/3/10

Cranes and derricks in construction 11/9/11

Excavations 2/4/15

Fall Protection for the Construction Industry 6/30/15

Fall Protection: Options for specialty contractors 6/15/06

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting and bracing wood trusses and rafters 8/19/05

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting floor joists, sheathing/decking, and constructing exterior walls 10/28/05

It's not just dust! What you should know about silicosis and crystalline silica 4/10/15

Lead in construction quick guide 1/31/11

Portable ladders: How to use them so they won't let you down 2/8/16

Protect your back and your future (poster) 3/5/14

Silica - An Oregon OSHA pocket reference 2/27/06

Supported scaffolds for the construction industry 6/30/15

Underground Construction (tunneling) 12/15/08

Vehicle safety for small businesses in the construction industry 11/28/07

Fall Protection: Options for specialty contractors - Russian language 1/2/07

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting and bracing wood trusses and rafters (Russian) 10/24/05

Escaleras Portátiles: Como usarlas sin sufrir caídas 10/7/08

Protección Contra Caídas: Opciones para contratistas especializados 10/4/06

Protección Contra Caídas: Prácticas seguras para instalación de vigas en el piso, trabajos de revestimiento de cubiertas y construcción de paredes exteriores 4/3/06

Tarjeta de Estrés por el Calor 8/19/05

Tarjeta de Estrés por el Frío 8/19/05

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Construction Ergonomics Coalition Advisory Committee

Marsonry Wall Bracing Task Force Report

Simple Solutions: Ergonomics for Construction Workers