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Fall protection

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Current rule activity

* Fall Protection for Construction Advisory Committee 10/30/15


Div 2, General Industry, Sub D

Walking-Working Surfaces

Div 2, General Industry, Sub I

Personal Protective Equipment

Div 3, Construction, Sub L


Div 3, Construction, Sub M

Fall Protection

Div 3, Construction, Sub R

Steel Erection

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub D

Work Surfaces

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub I

Protective Equipment

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Guardrails, stair railings, parapets 8/31/15

Fall Protection in Confined Spaces 10/9/12

Fall Protection chip trailers 1/26/12

Fall Protection During Building Maintenance 1/26/12

Fish Hatcheries 2/25/11

Climbing Rebar 2/26/09

Construction Activity -vs- Maintenance Work 7/14/08

Warning Lines 6/4/07

Fall protection while refueling vehicles 5/7/07

Distance from edge tie off question 8/16/02

Comparing prussik knots to mechanical grab devices 7/5/02

Fall Protection Requirements for Working on Cell Phone Towers 7/16/01

Body Belts in Aerial Lifts 9/1/00

Body harness vs. belts in Electrical Power Work 6/16/98

Rail Car Workers 11/13/97

Fall Protection in Electrical Power work 5/20/97

Catch platforms 11/18/96

Fall protection and return-to-work programs 6/17/96

Fall protection temporary and fixed work platforms 2/28/96

Program Directives

Fall Protection: Aerial Lifts Used in Construction 8/25/05

Fall Protection: General Industry 3/12/13

Fall Protection: Hoisting Employees during Communication Tower Work Activities 1/13/15

Focused Inspections In Construction 1/1/08

Guardrail Height in General Industry 8/25/05

Fact Sheets/Hazard Alerts/Technical Notes

Technical Note: Rescue descent equipment 5/10/96

Hazard Alert: Hazards of misusing wire form anchorage connectors for fall protection Federal OSHA 9/20/04

Hazard Alert: Gravity kills, be alert for fall hazards 6/13/06

Fact Sheet: Using Warning Lines: Construction Industry Best Practices 10/12/07

Fact Sheet: Tarping and fall protection - information for truckers 2/14/12

Fact Sheet: Standard railings for general industry workplaces 8/28/14

Fact Sheet: Fall protection trigger heights for the construction industry 10/16/15

Fact Sheet: Fall protection trigger heights for general industry 7/31/14

Checklists and Fill-in Forms

Elevated surfaces checklist

Floor and wall openings checklist


Publications | Education | Related | Video


Fall Protection for the Construction Industry 6/30/15

Fall Protection: Options for specialty contractors 6/15/06

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting and bracing wood trusses and rafters 8/19/05

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting floor joists, sheathing/decking, and constructing exterior walls 10/28/05

PPE hazard assessment quick guide 11/28/14

Fall Protection: Options for specialty contractors - Russian language 1/2/07

Fall Protection: Safe practices for setting and bracing wood trusses and rafters (Russian) 10/24/05

Protección Contra Caídas: Opciones para contratistas especializados 10/4/06

Protección Contra Caídas: Prácticas seguras para instalación de vigas en el piso, trabajos de revestimiento de cubiertas y construcción de paredes exteriores 4/3/06

Protección Contra Caídas: Prácticas Seguras para Instalar y Reforzar Armaduras de Cubierta y Cabios de Madera 8/19/05

Education and training

Online Courses / Current Workshops

All Class Materials

Fall protection Class Materials

Fall Protection Printable Online Course Material

Fall Protection Instructor Guide

Fall Protection Workbook

Slide Guards Printable Online Course Material

PESO: Bilingual training for employers with Hispanic workers

Tools and resources

Fall distance educator

Fall Protection for Construction Advisory Committee

He was the greatest roofer I knew and look what happened - Video

Preventing Falls in Construction video

Video/DVD Library

Look for Fall protection videos on our Resource Center Website

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Related information

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