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Law Enforcement 12/3/12

Jurisdiction for farms when the farm's only employees are family members 8/23/11

Jurisdiction over Adult Foster Homes 1/22/10

OSEA Act 3/16/05

Recordkeeping requirements for prisoners 1/23/04

Jurisdiction over non-profit organizations 8/14/02

Jurisdiction of city, state & county employees 3/6/01

Jurisdiction of employees working on mine property 1/23/01

Jurisdiction of Tribal and Native-American owned enterprise 12/1/98

Rail Car Workers 11/13/97

Application of rules and sole proprietorship 6/27/97

Volunteer Fire Departments 5/7/92

Program Directives

Jurisdiction: Independent Contractors, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships and Corporate Officers. 11/17/15

Jurisdiction: Mine Safety and Health Administration 8/25/05

Jurisdiction: OSHA and U.S. Coast Guard Authority Over Vessels 8/25/05

Memorandum of Understanding Between Federal OSHA and Employment Standards Administration, Wage and Hour Division, OSHA Instruction CPL 2.92 8/25/05

Memorandum of Understanding Between the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, Oregon OSHA, and the United States Coast Guard 4/12/12

Radiation: Inspecting NRC - Licensed Nuclear Facilities 2/5/08


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Federal OSHA: Aircraft Crew Safefy

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ORS 654, the Oregon Safe Employment Act

OSHA VS. OR-OSHA Jurisdiction in Oregon