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Commonly asked Claims Disposition Agreement

(CDA) Questions

When will my CDA be approved?

If claimant is represented by an attorney and is waiving 30 days: It takes 7 to 10 days from the date the CDA is received by WCB for the CDA to be approved. Circumstances which can extend the time for approval are Board requests for further information or clarification.

If claimant is unrepresented: The earliest the Board can approve the CDA for an unrepresented claimant is the 31st day from the date the CDA is received by WCB. See ORS 656.236(1)(a)(C) and (1)(b); OAR 438-009-0022(3)(k).

What are circumstances that may delay Board approval of the CDA?

The Board may find an error in the CDA and request an addendum from the parties to amend, supplement, or clarify the CDA. See the February 2005 issue of the Board News and Case Notes for CDA processing tips that explain frequent problems.

Why does the CDA need to be reviewed? I read it and agree with it the way it is.

The Board is required by law to confirm that the CDA complies with the law and that there are no errors, inconsistencies, or ambiguities.

Why can't I waive the 30 days?

The Board is required by law to give unrepresented claimants 30 days from the date of Board receipt of the CDA an opportunity to withdraw the CDA if they change their minds.

Can I hand deliver a CDA or addendum?

Yes, you can drop off a CDA or addendum at any of WCB's staffed offices. The addresses for WCB's staffed offices are:
Salem: 2601 25th St. SE, Ste 150
Portland: 800 NE Oregon Street Suite 340
Eugene: 1140 Willagillespie Rd, Ste 38
Medford: 115 W Stewart Ave, Ste 102

Can you expedite my CDA?

The Board will be notified of your request. However, when claimant is unrepresented, Board approval cannot be granted until the 31st day after Board receipt of the CDA.

When will I get my check?

The carrier has 14 days after the CDA is approved by the Board to issue a check, unless otherwise stated in the agreement. Concerns regarding late payment should be directed to a Benefit Consultant at the Workers' Compensation Division at 1-800-452-0288 or (503)947-7585 in Salem.

Can I pick up a copy of the postcard?

Yes, however, a request to receive a copy of the postcard must be received in writing (or by fax) prior to the approval of the CDA postcard.