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    Cory Van Houten   

Claim records disclosure

Oregon Administrative Rule 436-060-0009 describes the rules for disclosure and release of injured-worker claim records; eligibility for obtaining access; and the associated forms, fees, and appropriate processes.


Claim record - This includes any of the materials or documents received at, maintained by, or created by the Department of Consumer and Business Services pertaining to an injured worker's claim for compensation and identified by a unique Workers' Compensation Division claim file number. Records may be "hard copy," electronic, or permanent-retention mediums and may be located within a database, in jacketed file covers, on microfilm, and in archived files.

Claim history - This is a chronological list of workers' compensation claims an individual worker has filed.

Oregon Revised Statute 192.502(20) provides that injured-worker claim records are exempt from public disclosure with certain exceptions.

(18) Workers' compensation claim records of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, except in accordance with rules adopted by the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, in any of the following circumstances:

(a) When necessary for insurers, self-insured employers and third party claim administrators to process workers' compensation claims.
(b) When necessary for the director, other governmental agencies of this state or the United States to carry out their duties, functions or powers.
(c) When the disclosure is made in such a manner that the disclosed information cannot be used to identify any worker who is the subject of a claim.
(d) When a worker or the worker's representative requests review of the worker's claim record.

In addition, the director may exercise her/his sole discretion to authorize release of workers'
compensation records to persons other than those described above when such a release would be in the public interest, as provided by administrative rule.

Contact information:
To request claim records:
Complete a Request Form 3088:
Request form for receiving claim file information
Contact the Claims Record Team: 503-947-7719
FAX: 503-947-7630

To request claims history:
Complete a Request Form 3088:
Request form for receiving claim file information
Contact the division's Customer Service Representatives: 503-947-7810
FAX: 503-947-7630

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