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Physical therapist or Occupational therapist

A physical therapist (PT) or occupational therapist (OT) may be asked to perform physical capacity evaluations (PCE) or work capacity evaluations (WCE), along with an IME. In this case, the insurer must use the director's list to select the PT or OT.

If the attending physician asks the insurer to arrange the PCE or WCE, or if an attending physician initiates the PCE or WCE, you or the insurer do not need to use the director's list when choosing the PT or OT.

To be on the director's list, you need to complete one of the trainings listed below and complete the IME Provider application.

Training: Complete one of the following IME trainings:

Review the Guide to Providing Independent Medical Examinations

Attend a director-approved training course by an independent source

Request the Independent Medical Examination DVD

Application: IME Provider application

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