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Independent medical examination -
approved trainers for health care providers

Oregon Workers' Compensation Division: Order the IME/WRME DVD or contact Kara Null, 503-947-7515.

IME Association: Contact Dan Farrington at 1-866-391-9911 or go online for training information

Health Cost Management: Contact Kimberly Brown at 1-800-755-4283
or e-mail

NOTE: Health Cost Management, IME Association, and WCD are authorized to provide training via DVD. The online test is no longer required, but you must still attend an approved IME/WRME training, view an approved IME/WRME DVD, or review the Guide to Providing Independent Medical Exams. Then, you must complete the "Application for IME Health Care Provider authorization."

Questions? Contact us at 503-947-7606 or e-mail