The Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division received notification of 17 compensable fatalities in 2010. This is down 14 from the 31 compensable fatal claims in 2009, and is the lowest number reported since the state began tracking the statistic in 1943.

Compensable Fatality Facts,
Oregon, 2010

  • The average age of workers for fatal claims accepted during 2010 was 47. The oldest worker was a 64-year-old helicopter pilot who died in a helicopter crash. The youngest worker was a 16-year-old farm worker who hit a rut in the ground and overturned the ATV he was operating.
  • Of the 17 accepted fatal claims for 2010, 16 workers were men and one was a woman. All 31 fatal claims in 2009 were male workers.
  • The most common nature of injury causing death for 2010 compensable fatalities was multiple traumatic injuries (41.2 percent), followed by head injuries (35.3 percent).
  • Of the 17 compensable fatalities, 14 occurred in Oregon (82 percent). One fatality occurred in Arizona and one in Idaho. One fatality occurred ouside of the United States.

Fatality/claims data
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Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries
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Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation
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