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Workers' Compensation Claims Characteristics, Calendar Year 1994

Research & Analysis Section - November 1995

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The Workers' Compensation Division received 31,530 accepted disabling claims in 1994, an increase of 789 claims over the 1993 figure. However, employment increased by 66,200 workers, resulting in a claims rate of 2.3. This claims rate remained steady from the 1993 figure, a record low in Oregon.

Disabling Claims 1985 - 1994
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Note on Graph: Employment figures based on data from Oregon Employment Dept.
Claims rates represent the number of claims per 100 workers.
Disabling claims include fatal cases.

Of the 55 work-related fatalities recorded in 1994, 45 of the victims were male, and 10 were female. The youngest was a 17 year-old rock climbing instructor. The oldest was a 71 year-old machine operator.

Oregon Industries, by percent of 1994 Workers' Comp. Claims
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Note on graph: Excludes claims in non-classifiable industries.


Claims Characteristics
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Sprains or strains of the back were, once again, the most common injury in 1994, accounting for 7,801 claims or 24.7 percent of the 31,530 claims accepted as disabling. This represents a decrease of 2.4 percent from the 1993 percentage.

Type of injury or illness
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4,606 disabling claims were accepted in 1994 for falls to working surfaces, and 3,860 for overexertion with boxes or containers (1993 figures: 4,722 and 3,773, respectively).

Source of injury or illness
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Part of body affected
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Occupation of injured Oregon workers
by Percent of 1994 W. C. Claims

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Note on table: Excludes 291 claims with unreported occupations.

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The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (OR-OSHA) offers a wide range of services to Oregon's employers and workers to improve workplace safety and health. These services include:

For information regarding these programs, contact:

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Facts in this leaflet are excerpted from Oregon Workers' Compensation Claims Characteristics, 1994

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