Table 1.
The number of work-related fatalities in Oregon increased to 54 in 1996, from a previous low of 48 in 1995. The median age of the workers was 41.5 years. The youngest worker was 22 years and the oldest was 68 years old. Thirteen of the total 1996 fatality count were injured in earlier years (see Table 1). The work-related fatalities are those fatalities which were accepted as compensable by an insurer during 1996, and for which the Department of Consumer & Business Services received notification by January 31, 1997.
 Figure 1 and 2
The work-related fatalities during the period from 1977-1996 show a gradual drop with peaks in 1979 and 1983 (see Figure 1). The fatality rates in Figure 2 are the number of fatalities per 100,000 subject employees. The employment figures are estimated workers' compensation covered employment based on data supplied by the State of Oregon Employment Department. The 1996 rate is based on preliminary employment data.

Figure 3 The transportation and public utilities industry accounted for the highest number of fatalities, followed by logging and services industries (see Figure 3).

Transportation accidents, including ten workers killed in aircraft accidents, accounted for the highest number of fatalities among all events. Nine workers were killed when struck by objects. In 1996 no workers were killed as a result of assaults or violent acts, compared to three in 1995.

 Table 2.

 Figure 4
Multnomah county had the highest number of fatalities in the state (see Figure 4). Other counties which registered four or more fatalities in 1996 were Marion and Lane. There were seven out-of-state fatalities.

Professional & managerial occupations accounted for the highest number of fatalities, followed by forestry, loggers and fisheries among all occupation categories in 1996 (see Table 3). Operators, except transport, recorded no fatalities.

 Table 3.

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