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New website coming soon

Oregon OSHA is launching a new website in the coming weeks. You will need to update your bookmarks.
The new website is designed to work well on mobile devices and increase accessibility for people with disabilities.

Ergonomics information on the Web



Ergonomics for farm workers [CDC]


A guide to selecting non-powered hand tools [NIOSH]

Concrete work [DOSH]

Construction ergonomics [OR-OSHA]

Drywall work [DOSH]

Ergonomic tip sheet for concrete laborers [OR-OSHA]

Ergonomics for women in the construction trades [OR-OSHA]

How to improve material handling on site [OR-OSHA]

Masonry construction [DOSH]

Mechanical shop contractors [DOSH]

Questions to ask during pre-job planning [OR-OSHA]

Residential construction [DOSH]

Shoveling tips [CCOHS]

Ergonomic improvements a contractor can make right now for little or no cost [OR-OSHA]

Tips for carpenters [DOSH]

Tips for electricians [Cal-OSHA]

Tips for laborers [DOSH]

Whole body vibration information

     Centralized European whole-body vibration database
      Search for vibration levels for different vehicles
     European Community Directive 2002/44/EC
      Vibration exposure guidelines

Hand-arm vibration information

     Centralized European hand-arm vibration database
      Search for vibration levels for hand tools
     Health effect of hand-arm vibration
      Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
     European Community Directive 2002/44/EC
      Vibration exposure guidelines

Health care

Best practices for nursing homes [OR-OSHA]

Ergonomics guidelines for nursing homes [OSHA]

Safe patient handling [VA]

Skilled nursing facilities [DOSH]

Wood products

Banding coil handling [OR-OSHA]

Lumber handling in sawmills [DOSH]

Paper wrap operator [OR-OSHA]

Planing mill hula saw operator [OR-OSHA]

Plywood putty patch line [OR-OSHA]

Rail car loading [OR-OSHA]

Sander smoothing bars [OR-OSHA]

Sawmill chop saw/debarker control room [OR-OSHA]

Sawmill circular blade handling [OR-OSHA]

Sawmill log scaling [OR-OSHA]

Sawmill trim saw feeder operator [OR-OSHA]

Government agencies

Canadian Center For Occupational Safety And Health [CCOSHS]

National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health [NIOSH]

Occupational Safety And Health Administration [OSHA]

Washington Department Of Department Of Occupational Safety And Health [DOSH]

Worksite redesign

Worksite redesign program [OR-OSHA]