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Oregon OSHA is launching a new website in the coming weeks. You will need to update your bookmarks.
The new website is designed to work well on mobile devices and increase accessibility for people with disabilities.

Accident Reporting

What to do in case of an accident, overnight hospitalization, or fatality

Report the death of any employee or a catastrophe (three or more injured employees), within 8 hours

You must contact the nearest Oregon OSHA office in person or by phone at 1-800-922-2689 to report within 8 hours of the work-related incident or accident:

  • A death (including heart attacks)
  • 3 or more employees are admitted to the hospital
  • Report deaths only if they occur within 30 days of the accident


If you do not learn about the incident at the time it occurs, you must report the incident within 8 hours of the time it was reported to you, your agent, or employee.

Report the overnight hospitalization of any employee within 24 hours

If one or more employees are hospitalized overnight, you must contact Oregon OSHA within 24 hours after occurrence or employer knowledge.


Overnight hospitalization for medical treatment only. Hospitalization for observation is not reportable, nor is emergency room treatment.

Make sure that any equipment involved in a fatality or catastrophe is not moved

You must not move equipment involved in a work-related accident or incident if either of the following results: A death or 3 or more employees are admitted to the hospital.

Do not move the equipment until a representative of Oregon OSHA investigates the incident and releases the equipment unless:

  • Directed by a recognized law enforcement agency
  • Moving the equipment is necessary to:
    • Remove any victims
    • Prevent further incidents and injuries

Give assistance to Oregon OSHA as requested

You must investigate or cause to be investigated every lost-time injury that workers incur.

Furnish all pertinent evidence, names of known witnesses, and general assistance to Oregon OSHA staff who arrive at the scene to investigate the incident involving:

  • A death
  • 3 or more employees are admitted to the hospital
  • An accident which is being investigated


  • The immediate supervisor
  • Employees who were witnesses to the incident
  • Other employees the investigator feels are necessary to complete the investigation

Conduct a preliminary investigation for all serious injuries

You must investigate or cause to be investigated every lost-time injury that workers suffer in connection to their employment and promptly install any safeguard or take any corrective measure indicated or found advisable.


A preliminary investigation includes noting information such as the following:

  • Where did the accident or incident occur?
  • What time did it occur?
  • What people were present?
  • What was the employee doing at the time of the accident or incident?
  • What happened during the accident or incident?

Accident Investigation Report Form

The Accident Investigation Report form is an optional tool that can help you report and investigate workplace accidents.