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PED Manufacturing LTD
Casting Saw


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A manual process of cutting medical casting molds on a high-speed friction band saw was resulting in severe ergonomic fatigue and a high rate of injuries to operators. Workers were also subject to cobalt dust and high noise conditions. Despite full protective gear, common injuries were cut fingers, foreign objects in eyes, sprains and fatigue. A new process was needed that would remove the operator from performing the cutting process manually.


PED had developed some alternative cutting methods using an abrasive disc process and decided to pursue this as a new means of cutting the molds. PED teamed with machinery builder Cranston in Oak Grove, Oregon to develop an automated cut-off saw process that required an operator only to load and align parts. All other operations, except for removing a scrap gate, are performed by the cut-off saw. In addition, the process was fully enclosed to reduce noise and improve dust control. Cut-off parts are discharged through an opening onto a table via a belt conveyor.


A pre and post ergonomic assessment and an additional post dust/noise control test confirmed that ergonomic and safety/health risks had been eliminated or reduced. The operator is completely isolated from the saw during the cutting process. Providing an enclosure for the process with an opening door to load parts has dramatically improved dust control and reduced noise levels.


  • PED Manufacturing, Ltd.
    Phone: 503-650-2720
  • OMEP - Mark Biederbeck
    Phone: 503-977-4115
  • Oregon OSHA - Mark Hurliman
    Phone: 1-800-922-2689


Materials List:

Models/Blue Prints:

  • CAD files and Wire Model files are available for review. Contact Oregon OSHA Standards & Technical Section, (503) 378-3272 toll free in Oregon, (800)

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