Resource Newsletter
February 2013

Ask Technical: A worker writes with a question about training and equipment.

Q: I am a clerk in a retail garden center. Recently, my employer asked me to use a handheld circular saw to break down some wooden shipping pallets. I've never used one of these saws before. Is my employer required to do something so that I don't hurt myself when I use it?



Yes, your employer must:


  • Assess the hazards associated with the saw.
  • Ensure that you are trained and supervised in the safe operation of the saw.
  • Provide you with any personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to protect you from the saw's hazards and ensure that the PPE fits you.
  • Train you how to use and maintain the PPE.

Examples of PPE required for using a circular saw include goggles or safety glasses with side-shields to protect your eyes and appropriate gloves if the wood you are handling is rough or has nails or splinters.

For more information, see:

437-001-0760 Rules for all Workplaces
437-002-0134 Personal Protective Equipment
Division 2, Subdivision P, Hand and portable powered tools