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February 2013

Emergency plans – does your workplace need them?

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If your workplace has more than 10 employees, your emergency action plan and fire prevention plan must be in writing. If your workplace has 10 or fewer employees, you don't need written plans but the employees must know what procedures to follow during an emergency.

Requirements for emergency action plans – 432-002-0042

Oregon OSHA's requirements for emergency action plans include:

  • Evacuation procedures that describe the evacuation type and identify exit routes
  • Procedures that account for all employees after they evacuate
  • Procedures for reporting emergencies
  • Procedures for shutting down critical plant operations and equipment before evacuation
  • Procedures for rescues and medical duties
  • Names or job titles of employees to contact for more information about the plan
  • A working alarm system
  • Designated, trained employees to help in evacuations
  • A review of the plan with employees when they're hired and when the plan changes

Requirements for fire prevention plans – 432-002-0043

Oregon OSHA's requirements for fire prevention plans include:

  • A list of all major fire hazards that includes handling and storage procedures for hazardous materials, potential ignition sources, and the fire protection equipment necessary to control each hazard
  • Procedures for controlling accumulations of flammable and combustible waste
  • Procedures for ensuring that heat-producing equipment doesn't accidently ignite combustible material
  • Names or job titles of employees responsible for maintaining fire prevention equipment
  • Names or job titles of those responsible for controlling fuel hazards

You must also tell employees about fire hazards in their work areas and review the plan with them before they begin their jobs for the first time.

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