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Program Directives by Subject

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Rescinded program directives are listed at the bottom of the page. All program directives are in PDF format.


Rescinded program directives

Title PD # Issue Date Rescinded
1910.27(d)(5) Citing of Fixed Ladders, and Safety Devices; under ANSI A14.2-1974 (RESCINDED) A-11  01/01/79  04/09/01 
Abrasive Operations Using Cutoff Wheels (RESCINDED) A-171  11/01/81  11/10/94 
Abrasive Wheel Machinery - Work Rests (RESCINDED) A-20  01/01/79  08/12/09 
Benzidine-Based Dyes: Direct Black 38, Direct Brown 95, and Direct Blue 6 Dyes (RESCINDED) A-96  09/01/81  02/19/13 
Bottom Drains (RESCINDED) A-175  09/01/81  05/12/00 
Citations: Citing Corporate Officers (RESCINDED) A-210  08/03/95  06/17/09 
Citations: Process for Splitting Citations (RESCINDED) A-49  08/10/79  10/16/14 
Complaints Concerning the Procedures, Inspections, and Staff of the State Occupational Safety and Health Program (RESCINDED) A-140  04/01/83  07/17/01 
Division 3 as Applied to Welding Required on Float or Ship Scaffolds (RESCINDED) A-138  03/10/83  06/28/01 
Enforcement Guidelines Regarding Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMDs) (RESCINDED) A-223  08/07/98  08/07/98 
Exposure and Medical Records: Employee Access (RESCINDED) A-131  06/25/82  05/12/00 
Fall Protection Rule Guidelines and Procedures (RESCINDED) A-234  11/24/99  08/26/02 
Fall Protection: Communication Tower Construction Activities (RESCINDED) A-232  03/17/99  01/14/15 
Federal OSHA Instruction CPL 2-2.50 - Information Dissemination System for Chemical Industry Inspections and Consultation Visits Resulting in Significant Benefits (RESCINDED) A-168  04/17/92  10/21/93 
Federal OSHA Instruction PUB 8-1.2A, Providing Information and Guidelines for Controlling Exposure to Methylene Chloride (RESCINDED) A-199  05/01/86  10/11/00 
Guarding: Iron Workers and Mechanical Power Presses (RESCINDED) A-172  11/01/81  11/13/13 
Guarding: Mechanical Power Presses (RESCINDED) A-87  04/15/80  11/13/13 
Guarding: Mechanical Power Presses for Diesetters (RESCINDED) A-92  10/01/80  11/13/13 
Guarding: Platen Presses (RESCINDED) A-55  08/10/79  11/13/13 
Guidelines on OR-OSHA Jurisdiction of Independent Contractors, LLCs, Partnerships and Corporate Officers (replaced by A-231) (RESCINDED) A-224  08/20/98  12/29/98 
H1N1 Enforcement Policy (RESCINDED) A-276  05/03/10  11/01/10 
Hazardous Waste Sites (RESCINDED) A-155  08/15/88  10/07/94 
High Visibility Garments (RESCINDED) A-86  05/30/80  12/09/08 
Inspection Criteria: OR-OSHA Response to Significant Events of Potentially Catastrophic Consequence (RESCINDED) A-165  01/01/92  12/17/08 
Inspection Criteria: Video and Audio Tapes Case File Documentation Guidelines (RESCINDED) A-207  04/05/94  08/13/10 
Inspection Procedures for Division 3, Construction; and Division 2/Z, Asbestos (incorporated into A-213) (RESCINDED) A-153  03/01/88  04/04/02 
Lead: Inspections on Construction Sites (RESCINDED) A-225  03/11/96  02/14/09 
Local Emphasis Program (LEP): for Industries with Highest Percentage of Accepted Disabling Claims (A-255) (RESCINDED) A-255  01/01/06  07/06/09 
Local Emphasis Program (LEP): Formaldehyde Exposures in Hair Salons (RESCINDED) A-279  10/05/10  06/24/15 
Local Emphasis Program (LEP): Inspection of Assigned Risk Pool Employers (RESCINDED) A-272  01/01/09  06/24/15 
Local Emphasis Program (LEP): Methylene Chloride (MC) (RESCINDED) A-269  05/16/08  11/01/10 
Local Emphasis Program (LEP): Occupational Noise and Hearing Conservation (RESCINDED) A-240  07/26/00  10/15/02 
Local Emphasis Program (LEP): Silviculture/ Forest Activities Contractors (RESCINDED) A-260  10/10/06  02/20/13 
Local Emphasis Program (LEP): Tower Cranes (RESCINDED) A-271  08/13/08  05/05/09 
Maritime: Guidelines for Enforcing Personal Protective Equipment Requirements (RESCINDED) A-226  03/28/97  02/08/11 
Material Storage--As related to Interim Storage of Temporary Flooring Used in Steel Erection (RESCINDED) A-34  01/01/79  10/15/93 
Medical Records: Procedures for Reviewing Specific Medical Records (RESCINDED) A-200  08/10/89  02/12/09 
Molles and Hindus Used With Young or Similar-type Slack Pulling Carriages (RESCINDED) A-132  11/01/82  06/01/00 
Motor Vehicle Safety (RESCINDED) A-262  08/25/07  10/12/09 
Multiple Lifts During Steel Erection (RESCINDED) A-238  08/07/00  05/17/02 
National Emphasis Program (NEP): Primary Metal Industries (RESCINDED) A-282  08/24/11  10/29/14 
National Emphasis Program: Injury and Illness Recordkeeping (RESCINDED) A-274  02/01/10  10/01/10 
Overexposure Symptoms: Advising Employees (RESCINDED) A-149  05/01/86  02/08/13 
Portland Cement Inspection Procedures for Chromium (VI) (RESCINDED) A-258  06/13/07  06/24/08 
Power Presses: Clutches (RESCINDED) A-13  01/01/79  11/13/13 
Power Presses: Mechanical Power Presses (RESCINDED) A-69  09/10/79  11/13/13 
Providing Consultations at the Workplace (formerly C-19) (RESCINDED) A-182  07/01/81  06/26/01 
Respirator Protection: Isocyanates (RESCINDED) A-43  05/01/79  04/09/01 
Respiratory Protection Program Enforcement (RESCINDED) A-47  05/01/79  05/25/01 
Respiratory Protection: Lead (RESCINDED) A-141  06/30/83  05/12/00 
Safety Lines on Multistage Suspension Scaffolds (RESCINDED) A-106  11/01/80  10/21/93 
Scaffold Planking (RESCINDED) A-14  01/01/79  11/19/97 
Scaffolding, Guardrail Equiv Mats (RESCINDED) A-105  11/01/80  10/08/93 
Severity Classification for Failure to Provide Seat Belts (RESCINDED) A-119  06/30/81  10/21/93 
Spray Finishing: Sprinkler Requirements (RESCINDED) A-37  01/01/79  05/04/00 
Sputum Cytology and Chest X-ray Requirements for Arsenic and Coke Oven Emission Standards (RESCINDED) A-227  03/26/96  04/09/01 
Tar-Asphalt Kettles (RESCINDED) A-183  02/01/87  11/04/13 
Vehicle-Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms as Related to Telecommunications Industry (RESCINDED) A-71  04/15/80  06/17/01