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Div 2, General Industry, Sub I

Personal Protective Equipment

Div 2, General Industry, Sub K

Medical & First Aid

Div 2, General Industry, Sub Z

437-002-0170 Worker Protection Standard

Div 2, General Industry, Sub Z

437-002-0382 Oregon Rules for Air Contaminants

Div 3, Construction, Sub Z

Toxic and Hazardous Substances

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub I

Protective Equipment

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub J

Work Environment

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub K

Medical/First Aid

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub N

Material Handling

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub W

Worker Protection Standard

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub Z


Div 7, Forest Activities, Sub A

General Requirements and Definitions

Div 7, Forest Activities, Sub D

Personal Protective Equipment and Programs

Interpretations | Program Directives | Alerts

Program Directives

Local Emphasis Program (LEP): Pesticides 9/10/09


Publications | Education | Related | Video


Online Courses / Current Workshops

All Class Materials

Pesticides Class Materials

PESO: Bilingual training for employers with Hispanic workers

Video/DVD Library

Look for Pesticides videos on our Resource Center Website

Related information

Pesticide Inspector's Forum Presentations, 2010

Pesticides and Pollinators Oregon Department of Agriculture

The Pesticide Safety Project California Poison Control Systems


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