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Div 2, General Industry, Sub H

Hazardous Materials

Div 2, General Industry, Sub Q

Welding, Cutting, & Brazing

Div 3, Construction, Sub J

Welding and Cutting

Div 4, Agriculture, Sub Q

Gas Welding & Cutting

Interpretations | Program Directives | Alerts


Transport and storage of compressed gas cylinders 4/22/09

MSDS for Metals 10/31/08

Backflow/Flashback Preventers (REVISED) 5/29/01

Backflow and Flashback Devices on Welding Torches 11/24/92

Program Directives

Confined Spaces and Permit Required Confined Spaces in General Industry and Construction 12/31/14

PPE: Head Protection 1/25/12

Recreational Boat Building Industry 8/25/05

Respiratory Protection: General Guidelines 12/22/14

Welding, Cutting and Heat Treating Operations in Tunnels and Shafts 8/25/05

Welding, Cutting, or Heating Metals Coated with Lead Based Paint 8/25/05

Fact Sheets/Hazard Alerts/Technical Notes

Hazard alert: Regulator burnout danger 9/12/06

Hazard Alert: Peligro de quemaduras causadas por reguladores recargados 10/30/08

Hazard Alert: Ignition hazard from drilling into sealed frames of agricultural equipment NIOSH 7/6/98

Fact Sheet: Personal protective equipment 2/24/12

Fact sheet: Oxygen and fuel-gas welding and cutting 6/29/15

Fact sheet: Oxy-fuel gas cylinder storage 6/29/15

Fact Sheet: Hexavalent chromium 10/11/06

Checklists and Fill-in Forms

Welding, cutting and brazing checklist


Publications | Education | Related | Video

Education and training

Online Courses / Current Workshops

All Class Materials

PESO: Bilingual training for employers with Hispanic workers

Tools and resources

Oxygen-fuel Gas Welding and Cutting (includes Compressed Gases and Acetylene) for General Industry and Construction. (Final rule adopted 10/28/2014. AO 6-2014)

Video/DVD Library

Look for Welding videos on our Resource Center Website