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Oregon Administrative Rules & Rule Hearing

Rulemaking Flow Chart

Oregon Revised Statutes--laws relating to:
      ORS Chapter 654: Safety and Health in Place of Employment
      ORS Chapter 656: Workers' Compensation

Oregon Administrative Rules-rules relating to:
      OAR 438: Rules of Practice and Procedure for the Workers' Compensation Board
           Including Div 82 relating to Crime Victim and Div 85 relating to Oregon Safe Employment Act

Search WCB OAR 438 rules listed below: permanent, temporary, proposed, repealed rules

Housekeeping Changes To WCB Administrative Rules

Proposed Rulemaking Hearings

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Rulemaking Hearings

*WCB Admin Order 1-2006 was renumbered as WCB Admin Order 1-2007 by the Secretary of State

**WCB Admin Order 1-2007 was renumbered as WCB Admin Order 2-2007 by the Secretary of State






Permanent & Temporary
Rule filings
WCB Admin Order 1-2015
WCB Admin Order 2-2014
WCB Admin Order 1-2014
WCB Admin Order 3-2013
WCB Admin Order 2-2013
WCB Admin Order 1-2013
WCB Admin Order 2-2012
WCB Admin Order 1-2012
WCB Admin Order 1-2011
WCB Admin Order 1-2009
   WCB Admin Order 2-2007
    WCB Admin Order 1-2007*   
WCB Admin Order 3-2005

WCB Admin Order 2-2005

WCB Admin Order 1-2005
WCB Admin Order 1-2004
WCB Admin Order 3-2003

WCB Admin Order 2-2003

WCB Admin Order 1-2003
WCB Admin. Order 3-2001
WCB Admin. Order 2-2001
WCB Admin. Order 1-2001

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Temporary Rule filings

This online version of the OARs is provided for convenience of reference and enhanced access. The official, record copy of these publications is the printed copy. Discrepancies, if any, between the two versions are satisfied in favor of the printed version. In particular, tables, graphs, special characters, and other special formatting may not translate properly.

Each agency that adopts Oregon Administrative Rules has assigned one person to coordinate activities the issuance of that agency's Administrative Rules. If you have questions about a particular administrative rule or the rulemaking process, please contact through e-mail or phone Karen Burton , WCB (503) 934-0123, who functions as the Rules Coordinator and is the central point of contact for public inquires about the agency's rules.