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Independent medical examination – IME location appeal

If you object to the location of an IME, you may appeal to the Workers' Compensation Division (WCD). You must appeal within six business days from the postmarked date the appointment notice was mailed to you.

How to appeal by:

Phone: Toll-free: 800-452-0288
Salem Office: 503-947-7590

Fax: 503-947-7718

Mail: Workers' Compensation Division
Attn.: Sanctions Expedited Review
P.O. Box 14480
Salem, OR 97309-0405

In person: Second floor of the Labor and Industries Building,
350 Winter St. NE, Salem, OR 97301

**Remember, you must appeal within six business days of the postmarked date of the appointment notice. If you wait too long, we cannot issue an order that the location is unreasonable.**

Here's How It Works:

You explain to WCD the reasons you object to the IME location. Remember, the objection must be related to the location of the exam, and you must have either a medical reason for not being able to travel to the exam or you must demonstrate other good cause that the travel is unreasonable. The medical reason does not necessarily have to be related to your work-related injury, but we must be able to verify with your doctor that you are restricted from traveling to the exam and that alternative methods of travel will not overcome those restrictions.

We will review your objection and either help you and the insurer reach an agreement about the location, or we will issue an order about the reasonableness of the required travel. If we order that the required travel is reasonable, you must attend the exam or your benefits might be suspended. If we order that the required travel is not reasonable, the insurer must reschedule the exam if it still wants you to attend an IME. Also, if we order that the required travel is unreasonable and your claim has not yet been accepted or denied, the insurer will be allowed 90 days instead of 60 days to either accept or deny your claim.

If you cannot attend the IME for any other reason besides the location of the exam, immediately call the person who is handling your claim for your insurance company. The claims adjuster may be able to make other arrangements for your IME exam, but they are not required to do so.


Questions? Contact us at 503-947-7606 or e-mail