The December 2008 Biennial Report on the Workers’ Compensation System was the ninth in a series that describes Oregon’s workers’ compensation system and shows the effects of legislative changes since 1987. The ninth edition added statutory changes made by the 2007 Legislature, and updated summaries of court decisions and available data. Numerous commentators have singled out Oregon’s system as a national model of labor-management cooperation, leading to innovative programs that produce desirable outcomes for workers and affordable costs for employers. 

Updates to most of the data tables are now available, representing the latest available year of data. Most tables provide data through calendar year 2008, and are arranged by chapter as in the original report. Links to the corresponding chapter of the original report are provided for each chapter of updates. The chapter narrative and charts have not been updated to reflect the new data; that process will continue to be done on a biennial basis only. The complete revised report is expected to be ready in late 2010.

Safety and Health

Updated Safety and Health chapter statistical tables include:

Accepted disabling claims, employment, and claims rates, 1987-2008
Permanent partial disability claims, 1987-2008
Compensable fatalities, 1987-2008
Oregon OSHA inspections, federal fiscal years 1988-2008
Oregon OSHA consultations, 1988-2008
Safety and health training programs, 1998-2008
Employers’ safety committee citations, violations, and penalties, fiscal years 1990-2008

September 2009 Safety and Health statistical table updates

Safety and Health chapter of the December 2008 Biennial Report


Updated Compensability chapter statistical tables include:

Total reported claims, FY 1989-2009
Disabling occupational disease claims, FY 1989-2009
Disabling aggravation claims, 1991-2008

September 2009 Compensability statistical table updates

Compensability chapter of the December 2008 Biennial Report

Claims Processing

Updated Claims Processing chapter statistical tables include:

Insurer claim acceptance and denial, median time lag days, 1988-2008
Insurer timeliness of acceptance or denial and of first payments, 1990-2008
Claim closures, with insurer closures, 1987-2008
Time lag from injury date to first closure, 1987-2008
Civil penalties issued, 1990-2008
Abuse complaint investigations, FY 2002-2009
Workers’ compensation information line calls for assistance, 1990-2008

September 2009 Claims Processing statistical table updates

Claims Processing chapter of the December 2008 Biennial Report

Advocates and Advisory Groups

Updated Advocates and Advisory chapter statistical tables include:

Ombudsman for Injured Workers inquiries, 1999-2008
Small Business Ombudsman inquiries, 1991-2008

September 2009 Advocates and Advisory Groups statistical table updates

Advocates and Advisory Groups chapter of the December 2008 Biennial Report

Medical Care and Benefits

Updated Medical Care and Benefits chapter statistical tables include:

Medical payments by provider type, 2008
Medical payments by service category, 2008
Top 15 workers’ compensation medical services, 2008
Top 15 pharmacy payments by drug name, 2008
MCO contracts with insurers and self-insured employers, FY 1995-2009
Employees with accepted disabling claims enrolled in MCOs, 1998-2008

September 2009 Medical Care and Benefits statistical table updates

Medical Care and Benefits chapter of the December 2008 Biennial Report

Indemnity Benefits

Updated Indemnity Benefits chapter statistical tables include:

Indemnity and medical benefits paid, CY 1995-2008
Indemnity benefits paid for accepted disabling claims, CY 1995-2008
Indemnity benefits for accepted disabling claims by type, CY 1995-2008
Temporary disability days paid per accepted disabling claim, CY 1995-2008
Average temporary disability days, by type of claim resolution, CY 1995-2008
Permanent partial disability cases and average dollars, CY 1995-2008
Permanent total disability awards, 1987-2008
Maximum PPD benefits, since July 1986

September 2009 Indemnity Benefits statistical table updates

Indemnity Benefits chapter of the December 2008 Biennial Report

Return-to-Work Assistance

Updated Return-to-Work Assistance chapter statistical tables include:

Employer-at-Injury Program placements approved, CY 1995-2008
Preferred Workers, CY 1995-2008
Preferred Worker Program contracts started, CY 1995-2008
Vocational assistance determinations, CY 1995-2008
Vocational assistance eligibility closures, plans, and outcomes, CY 1995-2008

September 2009 Return-to-Work Assistance statistical table updates

Return-to-Work Assistance chapter of the December 2008 Biennial Report


Updated Disputes chapter statistical tables include:

Appellate review requests and orders, 1991-2008
Medical dispute requests and orders, 1990-2008
Medical dispute issues, by year of request, 2001-2008
Vocational dispute requests and resolutions, 1991-2008
Vocational dispute resolutions, by outcome, 2001-2008
Hearing requests, orders, time lags, and appeal rates, 1987-2008
Percentage of hearing orders involving selected issues, 1987-2008
Workers’ Compensation Board mediations, 1996-2008
Issues in WCB mediations, 1996-2008
Board review requests, orders, time lags, and appeal rates, 1987-2008
Board own-motion orders, 1987-2008
Court of Appeals requests, decisions, and time lags, 1987-2008
Median time lag (days) from injury to order, 1987-2008
Disputed claim settlements at hearing and board review, 1987-2008
Claim disposition agreements, 1990-2008
Claimant attorney fees and defense legal costs, 1987-2008
Claimant attorney fees, 1987-2008
Claimant attorney fees from lump-sum settlements, 1989-2008
Maximum out-of-compensation attorney fees

September 2009 Disputes statistical table updates

Disputes chapter of the December 2008 Biennial Report

Insurance and Self-Insurance

Updated Insurance and Self-Insurance chapter statistical tables include:

Workers’ compensation premiums and rate changes, 1987-2009
Workers’ compensation premium rate ranking, 1986-2008
Earned large-deductible premium credits, 1996-2008
Workers’ compensation market share, by insurer type, 1995-2008
SAIF Corporation financial characteristics, 1995-2008
Private insurers’ financial characteristics, 1995-2008
WC insurance plan (Assigned Risk Pool) characteristics, 1987-2008

September 2009 Insurance and Self-Insurance statistical table updates

Insurance and Self-Insurance chapter of the December 2008 Biennial Report

Full Report

September 2009, all updated tables

Biennial Report on the Oregon Workers' Compensation System, December 2008, full report

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